Key Local Officers

Mineral Bull Pte. Ltd. has a controlling stake in an Indonesia company, PT Galtam Sumatera Minerals, and the following personnel have been appointed as the local key officers to undertake the relevant day-to-day operations and business activities.

Mr Sudrajat
President Commissioner

Mr Sudrajat had a long career spanning over 35 years in the Indonesian Armed Forces before retiring in 1999 as Major General. He spent almost 20 years abroad as the Defense Attaché in the Indonesian Embassy in Washington and London. He has retired as the Indonesian Ambassador to China. Mr Sudrajat was appointed to the board of SEAAB (South East Asia Advisory Board) of Rolls-Royce Group plc. He has received numerous awards and citations within Indonesia and has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Harvard University (USA).

Mr Sanusi Hasanuddin
Vice President Commissioner

Mr Sanusi started his career in 1978 as a wholesaler in the trading of gold, silver and subsequently went downstream to jewellery manufacturing for these mineral/jewellery products. Thereafter, Mr Sanusi went into the trading of Zinc ore, and started to acquire a number of mining concessions in Indonesia with the intention of moving his mineral & metal business upstream.

Mr Sanusi has extensive experience with the business culture in Indonesia and China as he has been operating his businesses through his offices in Hong Kong, China, US, Malaysia and Indonesia for more than 20 years. He is fluent in Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia and English. In addition, Mr Sanusi is familiar with mining engineering works and their processing techniques. This knowledge was acquired from more than 6 years of research and management of the established mining company. Mr Sanusi maintains a wide network of business contacts in China as well as an international trade network in the mineral industry that encompasses the entire value chain of these metals.

Dr Ir. Bambang Setiawan

Dr Setiawan has spent many years in senior roles within the Indonesian government and its mining agencies regulating. A geologist by training, he served in the Directorate of Mineral Resources, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources from 1979-1995. From there he moved progressively to more senior roles in government regulation of the mining industry retiring in 2011 as Director General of Minerals, Coal and Geothermal. Since then he has served as an Advisor and Commissioner for a number of Indonesian natural resource focused companies. He was appointed Commissioner to PT. Galtam Sumatera Minerals as 2014.

Dr Setiawan holds a Masters degree in Mining Exploration Engineering from the institute Technology Bandung (ITB), in Indonesia and received his Ph.D. in Geology and Mining Exploration at Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Mines de Paris, France.

Dr Bekto Suprapto, M.Si.

Dr Suprato has a distinguished Indonesian and international career of nearly 35 years in law enforcement and the justice system. He served as Deputy Head of the Criminal Investigation Police (Kabareskrim) before his retirement and his service to the United Nations have resulted in numerous awards and honours. Dr Suprato continues to lecture and act as an advisor on legal and law enforcement matters. He also acts as commissioner (director) for a number of Indonesian mining companies including as adviser to Astra International on security matters.

A graduate of a number of police and national defence training institutions, Dr Suprato also received a Masters Degree from the University of Indonesia and has completed studies at a number of international institutions.

Mr Ludwig Madun Marianus Samosir

With nearly 40 years of legal, military and political service to Indonesia, Mr Samosir brings extensive experience and relationships to Mineral Bulls Indonesian operating company including legal and operational experience in government regulation and administration that has been key to guiding the groups licensing and approval processes. A former Chief judge and advocate in the Attorney General's Office, Intelligence and Foreign Affairs, Pak Samosir has also represented Indonesia internationally at the United Nations, in Japan, Austria, the USA, Thailand and many more in international law enforcement activities.

Pak Samosir' s educational credentials include Military Law Academy (PTHM), Jakarta (1966); Administration Staff and Officer School (SESPA, Jakarta (1990); International Training Course on Economic Crime, Unafei, Tokyo, Japan (1991); Certificate of Business Law, Jakarta (1995); and National Resilience Institute (Lemhanas), Jakarta (1996). Pak Samosir is an active lecturer and has represented Indonesia at a number of international conferences.

Mr Voo Kim Seng

Mr Voo has been involved with the Company since its inception. He has over 25 years of experience as a CFO/Finance Manager in construction, manufacturing and trading sectors with both local and multinational corporations. Mr Voo was formerly the Senior Finance & Administrative head of a large electronic manufacturing company in Singapore. He also has working experience in China, Indonesia and Hong Kong. He is involved in the Company's activities in China including negotiations with strategic partners. Mr Voo is fluent in Mandarin and English and he holds a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy from Nanyang University. He is a qualified CPA and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Singapore.

Mr Zhang Jie
Senior Management

Mr Zhang graduated from Mineral Engineering Department of Central South University of Technology in July 1985 with a bachelor's degree in engineering. In August of the same year, it was assigned to the mineral processing room of Kunming Metallurgical Research Institute. He was promoted to mineral processing engineer in 1992 and qualified as a senior engineer of mineral processing in 1997. During the performance of the Kunming Metallurgical Research Institute, he was the director of the mine room, the deputy director of the Yunnan Provincial Key Laboratory of Mining and Metallurgy, the secretary of the Party branch, and the member of the Party committee of the research institute. In July 2008, he was appointed to Hong Kong Yueda Mining Holdings Co., Ltd. as the company's deputy chief engineer, and in 2014 he was qualified as a senior engineer for ore dressing.

In the 29 years of research and development of mineral processing, we continued to strengthen the study and renewal of professional basic theories, and carried out a series of technological research and development and technological innovations, from beneficiation process research, beneficiation plant design to on-site technical services, involving nonferrous metals, ferrous metals, precious metals, rare metal and other areas. Responsible for the implementation of more than 50 scientific research projects such as lead-zinc, copper, celestite, chromite, refractory gold, ilmenite, rare metal and other ore types and smelting intermediate products. Re-election equipment, bio-oxidation pretreatment, use of three waste resources to produce water treatment chemicals, etc. were explored and studied.

A total of 16 scientific and technological progress awards have been awarded, especially 2 invention patents granted, 20 papers published and 2 monographs.

In 2005, he was selected as a training target for Yunnan's technological innovation talents. In 2010, he passed the exit assessment and obtained the "Yunnan Provincial Technological Innovation Talent" certificate issued by the Yunnan Provincial Government to enjoy special subsidy for high-level talents in Yunnan Province.

He used to be a mentor of graduate students of Kunming University of Science and Technology, and a member of the evaluation committee of senior engineers of Yunnan Mining and Metallurgy Engineering. He is currently a member of the Fifth Committee of the Mineral Processing Branch of the Institute of Mineral Processing, China Metal Society; member of the Fifth Mineral Processing Academic Committee of China Nonferrous Metals Society; Member of the Expert Committee.